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2100-Stainless Steel Threaded Fittings G1/2" - 3"

Piston Valves with Inclined Housing in Stainless Steel
Valves for industrial applications, for Chemical, Processing and Environmental systems, Textile Industry, Water and Sterilization Systems, Filtering Systems. Valves for Water, neutral and corrosive fluids Neutral Gases, Hot Fluids, and Water steam

General Information:

  • Body and Pneumatic Actuator in Stainless Steel
  • Single Effect piston with spring return
  • 40 mm to 125 mm piston, depending on the diameters
  • ON/OFF Function
  • Diagram: Normally Closed or Normally Open
  • Flow Direction Under Latch Mechanism (anti-hammering)
  • Control Fluid: Dry or lubricated compressed air


  • Series standard Actuator Position Indicator
  • Pilot Solenoid Valve, manual control, direct assembly
  • Box c/w 2 off mechanical limit switches - BF 2000 Series
  • Inductive sensor IFM IFS 244 N0
  • Versions for high temperatures + 200°C 



Product Description


    • Valve Body: Stainless Steel CF8M (A316 SS)
    • Piston Cap: Stainless Steel CF8 (A304 SS) orientable 360° - Aluminum for actuator DN 125
    • Tightening Disc: PTFE
    • Valve Rod: Stainless Steel A316
    • Gland: PTFE Chevron
    • Fitting Size: Bevel Threaded G from 1/2" to 3"
    • Diameters: From 13 to 80 mm
    • Rated pressure: PN 16
    • Control Fitting: 1/8"
    • Control Pressure: from 3 to 8 bar
    • Viscosity of the Fluid: 600 Cst. max.
    • Temperatures of the Fluid: From -10°C to +180°C
    • Ambient Temperature: From -10°C to + 80°C

    For further information, download the information sheet in the Downloads section.


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